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Important note: There is no obligation whatsoever to buy anything. This is REALLY free of charge. The only condition is that you believe you can change the future and make our business environment and community a better place!


"I am glad that Patrick's book gives us real tools to use every day to maintain and expand all the hard things that we have worked to create in our business and in our lives." - L.A.

"Thank you, Patrick. You're the breath of fresh air everyone needs . . . especially right now." - B.D.

"Patrick Valtin is a Black belt in sales and marketing and his recent book, Crisis Buster, shows you why. Read this book and your life will never be the same". - B.W.

"This e-book delivers some potent magic to turn things around for the better, and it's interesting and fun to read. Thank you, Patrick! So much appreciated". - H.S.

"This e-book comes at a time when I find most people introverted by so much duress due to economic crisis, family crisis and personal despairs. The tips in this book are refreshing and summarize a smart and positive examination of some key attitudes regarding successful leaders in industry and business." - R.C.

"This e-book is the most inspiring book I have read for a very, very long time. In these times of economic turmoil it shows you how to stay in control and how to focus on your goals and future. Simple, yet extremely powerful stuff. Don't forget to watch the awesome video links. This e-book package is an extraordinary Soul Booster". - G.V.

"I found your book insightful, uplifting and very motivational. It should help a lot of people get through this mess. Very well done". - B.K.

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Dear Friend,

Welcome to! The purpose of this site is to share good news, effective advice and workable tips which can help you survive and thrive through rough economic times.

We hope you will enjoy our special e-book. It is offered free of charge to anyone who is involved, directly or indirectly, in managing a business and/or selling something. It is packed with practical, down-to-earth tools and tips for allowing you to win through - no matter what!

In this free e-book you will discover:

  • What it takes to be able to disagree with the toughest economic environment and prosper, NO MATTER WHAT.
  • Why some people are less affected than others and how you can take advantage of their advices or tips - whether it is about sales, marketing, finances or personal strategies to survive better.
  • The power of creativity and how you should use it to create a better future - for yourself, your business and your family... as well as for your community.
  • How you can tap into the most powerful source of unlimited energy, no matter how hard the economic environment is blowing at you.
  • Why you should be prepared for the next 20 years NOW, as new realities have started to affect our lives - even if not visible to many of us.

I have written this e-book because, after over 20 years of business consulting/coaching experience all over the world, I developed a great concern about many of my friends and customers who are indeed very affected by the current crisis. And I do want to do something about it!

I am very interested to have all my friends flourish and prosper. You are one of them.

Enjoy your reading,