Say No! to Bad News, Economic Trouble and a Gloomy, Uncertain Future...


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“He wrote a book that will help all of us prosper in our business and in our life, right NOW, not months or years from now. At this time in our culture, too many people are focusing on what is staring them in the face every day, news of "The Big Bad Economy".

“This big bad economy is what we make of it and I, for one, am glad that Patrick's book gives us real tools to use everyday to maintain and expand all the hard things that we have worked to create in our business and in our lives.

“I run a non-profit organization and this survives solely on donations. Imagine the creativity it takes to run this business on ‘good’ economic times. Well, Patrick is right when he says in his book to concentrate on good news, be confident and promote, promote, promote!

“I am definitely looking forward to attending his upcoming seminar on this!”

- Laurie Anspach, Executive Director CCHR Florida

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"I have saved it on my computer desktop for easy reference. I will send the crisisbuster link to all my friends and clients so they too can get their copy and benefit from the wonderful tips and advice that Patrick has put together. Not only is it easy to read and understand, but the explanations of how to apply the information makes it very simple to do.

“I think this book is a must read for anyone who is ever exposed to the negativity of the media or even to family and friends who take on the negative aspects of the environment in this day and age. I see it all around me and now I have some terrific tools to turn the tables and neutralize the depressing effects it creates, not just for myself, but for the bearers of bad tidings and the people who listen to them. Thank you, Patrick. You're the breath of fresh air everyone needs . . . especially right now.”

- Bonnie DiMartino, copy writer, desktop publisher

"Your e-book is brilliant...

"...inspiring and what this planet needs right now. A small percentage of the planet profits from forwarding gloom and doom via the media – they profit handsomely at the expense of those who listen.

“However, from my experience it doesn't take much to change people’s viewpoint to a positive outlook and back into creating just by pointing this out and that is where your e-book could have a tremendous positive effect on those reading it. So: well done!”

- Graham Payne , Management consultant

"Patrick Valtin is a Blackbelt in sales and marketing...

"...and his recent book, Crisis Buster, shows you why.

“With 15 powerful business tips and real life examples, Patrick opens the door to success and accomplishment in a wonderfully entertaining and uplifting way.

“Read this book. Your life will never be the same!”

- Bruce Wiseman, Author and Financial Consultant

"This e-book delivers some potent magic..."

“These days all over the news it's about depression and economic crisis and doom and gloom. But who really needs to listen to all that? Despite the doomsayers there are always some people who know how to succeed and to flourish & prosper even in the most difficult times and in any economy. THOSE are the people we should listen to. This e-book delivers some potent magic to turn things around for the better, and it's interesting and fun to read. THANK YOU, Patrick! Appreciated!”

- Hermann Strijewski, Software developer -

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“...This e-book is a careful work of compilation of some phenomenal quotes and examples of workable methods and rules that truly get you to look in a new way on the existing crisis.

“Applying those can save tons of aggravation and can set you on a route out of it. It definitely opened my eyes. Thanks for your dedicated work and caring.”

- Ido Fischler , real estate developer

"This would help anyone who feels what they hear on the News..."

“The layout is great, it flows from one to the next easily, the quotes are apropos and spot-on, and this would help anyone who feels lost or confused or bewildered by what they hear on the News and read in the Newspaper.

“I would highly recommend analyzing each tip and putting them into their life schedule and doing it as I am going to do.”

- Michael A. Walby, O.D. Perry, FL, Optometric Physician Michael Walby, O.D.

"This book and the recommended tips will make a positive difference..."

“This e-book comes at a time when I find most people introverted by so many duresses due to economic crisis, family crisis and personal despairs. The tips in this book are refreshing and summarize a smart and positive examination of some key attitudes regarding successful leaders in industry and business. I consider this book and the tips it recommends the bright star in the gloomy Dark Age called life today circa July 2009.

"The difference will not come from reading this book alone, but actually from applying it. The tips and actions are simple and rather present themselves extremely powerful and worthy beyond its simplicity. They are far from complex and will restore hope, joy and trust in people, in your environment and immediate sphere of action.

“Pushing positive attitudes (as suggested in the e-book) upon my employees and associates has changed the liveliness in my surroundings. I observed some real changes I consider miraculous and phenomenal. My employees and associates, instead of drudging the day ahead, started focusing and became curious about what good news, positive effects they would experience or could affect upon their customers and clients. Suddenly the gloom and shyness was replaced by life, joy and laughter.

“This book and the recommended tips will make a positive difference; you will experience the pride and joy of changing the lives of many to a more enjoyable and enduring experience. And that is of higher importance and worth more than any money you can buy or treasure you can accumulate. That becomes the serving right and the privilege to all that will use this book.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the author for inspiring us and bring more light in this seemingly dark time of crisis.”

- Rob Collewijn, CEO- Health Motion Physical Therapy Services, Inc.

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“...I have read for a very, very long time. In these times of economic turmoil it shows you how to stay in control and how to focus on your goals and future. Simple, yet extremely powerful stuff. Don’t forget to watch the awesome video links. This e-book package is an extraordinary Soul Booster…”

- Guido Van Hootegem, Business Owner

"The e-book was really good...

“...It contains a great balance of information that puts the current economy and way to do business in the right perspective. By knowing how to maneuver in the economy the right way one can take the right steps and win. Thanks for getting this to me.”

David L. Kerr, Broker/Owner

"I found your book insightful, uplifting and very motivational."

“Patrick, I just read your booklet. I liked it a lot. At the top of my reading list are biographies of famous men and women. Your book fit well into my top criteria of reading materials. It was a light easy to read booklet that was very appropriate to today’s economic dilemma that seems to have grabbed the attention of millions of people. I found your book insightful, uplifting and very motivational. It should help a lot of people get through this mess. Very well done.”

- Ben Kugler, Business Owner